• BLACKSMITHS' Culture is not for everybody

    Our company culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage we have complete control over. That’s why we invest in it and build it into a critical asset for our business. That’s the only way we can assure living up to our promises; to our customers, our partners, and collaborators. Want to find out if it's for you? Scroll down!

Excellence is our way of living, it is not something we occasionally do

We stimulate curiosity and embrace change and innovation

We dare to say what we think and question actions inconsistent with our values

Our team’s competitive edge results from the alchemy between high-quality standards, no-nonsense professionalism, undisputable integrity, an immense passion for what we do, a little weirdness, and a lot of curiosity. We focus on results, not process; bias on action, not analysis. We want to deliver consistently strong performance, provide excellent services, tell great stories, and build a great team.

Learning rapidly, seeking to understand, and broadening our knowledge ensures we continuously Learn and Grow and thereby keep our competitive edge and continually upgrade our game to stay relevant. We can’t use our Culture as an excuse not to change products, processes, or people.

We dare to make tough decisions and take smart risks. We inspire and help others. We are egoless when searching for the best ideas and sharing information openly and proactively while seeking what is best for Blacksmiths, its people, partners, and customers. We care intensely about Blacksmith’s successes and celebrate our wins.

Every day we earn the respect and trust of our people, our partners, and our customers

It is about getting the job done. High quality. In Time. At all times. No excuses!

We walk with a purpose and we know where we are going

We build open, honest relationships based on transparent and respectful communication. We listen actively, write fluently, and speak concisely. We build positive teams and a family spirit.

It is not about where and when we work or even how we do it.

Everything we pursue is part of a deliberate, long-term strategy and vision. We always know what we are doing and why we’re doing it.

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